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BECOMING ATHENA™ Emerging Leaders


Inspiring, transformative and impactful, BECOMING ATHENA™: Emerging Leaders provides opportunities for study, discussion, and reflection on the eight ATHENA Leadership Principles. The unique and engaging leadership training materials are devoted to advancing girls and women as leaders and inspiring them to reach their full potential—the mission of ATHENA International.

By participating in our leadership training programs, you will join an extraordinary cohort of leaders who significantly contribute to the ATHENA International vision of creating balance in leadership worldwide.

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Middle School: Claiming My Voice |

An exciting youth leadership course for middle school students to grasp the ATHENA Leadership Model at the beginning of their leadership journey.

High School: Elevating My Voice |

Encourages high schoolers to elevate their voice by integrating the ATHENA Leadership Model as they learn to stand up and lead others.

College: Empowering My Voice |

This program is a dual (local and ATHENA International) membership  organization for college students sponsored at local colleges and universities. Membership includes access to ATHENA Academy. Regular development and networking revolve around the Becoming ATHENA curriculum and the ATHENA Leadership Model.

ESTABLISHED Professionals: Champions for Change |

Professionals learn to be agents for change in their communities and work environment using the ATHENA Leadership Model. 

This program is a dual (local and ATHENA  International) membership organization in communities or organizations focusing on professional leaders in the workforce. Membership includes ATHENA Forum, access to ATHENA Academy and Champions for Change curriculum.

Women in Prison: Breaking Barriers |

This program is for individuals working to break through past obstacles such as poverty, abuse or incarceration by embracing the principles of the ATHENA Leadership Model.

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