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Social media “Spotlights” recognize local women leaders in lieu of annual Charlotte ATHENA Leadershi

Monday, August 31, 2020  
Posted by: Judith S. Prince
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By Charlotte ATHENA Leadership Team

Many of us are seeking new ways to continue supporting women leaders in our community during these times of social distancing. After deciding to postpone our annual Charlotte ATHENA Leadership Award event to 2021, KPMG Charlotte—which sponsors and hosts the event in conjunction with ATHENA International—wanted to continue the tradition of honoring and recognizing local women leaders and nonprofit organizations. As this year would have marked the 10th anniversary of the Charlotte ATHENA Leadership Awards, the local chapter was especially disappointed to postpone the event. We were eager to find an alternative approach to honor and support women leaders and engage our community.

The solution was to launch a social media campaign that will highlight past Charlotte ATHENA Leadership Award honorees and provide a brief update on their lives and work since receiving the award. And, as one of the key principles of the ATHENA Leadership Model is serving our communities and giving back, the social media campaign will include “Spotlights” on local nonprofits offering critical support to those particularly impacted by the events of the past few months. Each “Spotlight” will be posted on all of the Charlotte ATHENA social media channels (LinkedIn; Facebook; and Twitter), linking to the ATHENA Charlotte website, for the full feature, and nonprofit “Spotlights” will highlight opportunities to provide support through volunteerism or donations.

“The goals of ATHENA International—developing, supporting, and honoring women leaders who are driving positive change in their community—are directly aligned with those of KPMG. When we realized we needed to postpone our ATHENA Leadership Awards event, we knew that we had to find a way to somehow continue our commitment to supporting women leaders this year,” said Susanne Dixon, Co-Chair of the Charlotte ATHENA Steering Committee. “Our hope is that this social media “Spotlight” campaign enables us to leverage the passionate and spirited ATHENA network to recognize and support these leaders, while helping us all to stay connected until we can safely be together again.”

So far, six past honorees and local nonprofit organizations have agreed to participate, and the team is continuing to seek other participants, with the goal of running one to two posts per month.

For other ATHENA affiliates that may want to consider doing something similar, the following template can be used to help gather information for profiles:


“Spotlight” on Past Honorees:


Title and Organization:

ATHENA Honoree Year:

Overview of a professional, community, or mentioning

initiative that you are currently working on:

Is there any information that you would like to share or highlight?

Please feel free to utilize the following questions as thought generators:

What is your favorite quote?

What philosophy do you live by?

What advice would you want to share with others?

What are the most significant challenges facing your organization?

What are your biggest professional accomplishments?

What are the most significant innovations you have made?

What community involvement has been most impactful?

What has been your most impactful mentoring relationship?

Website to personal or organization page, if interested in including in the spotlight:

“Spotlight” on Nonprofit Organizations:

Organization Name:

Mission Statement:

How does your organization impact and help others in the Charlotte community?

Currently, what is your organization's greatest need or the best way people can help?

We encourage everyone to look for and engage with these posts in the coming months and to consider other creative ways that can be used to continue supporting our ATHENA community during these unusual times!

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