PITTSBURGH, July 29, 2019 – ATHENA International, a non-profit organization that seeks to support, develop and honor women, today announced a partnership to transfer the Pittsburgh ATHENA Program to the Pittsburgh Technology Council, a Pittsburgh-based technology council that helps companies succeed through a proven platform of business development, talent retention, government relations and visibility services. This partnership will carry on the strong legacy of the ATHENA Program that has been present in the Pittsburgh community for 28 years.

“Personally and professionally, it’s been an honor to have helped organize Greater Pittsburgh ATHENA Awards programs since 2014. It’s clear to me – and I hope to our Pittsburgh community – that now, more than ever, continuing to recognize and elevate outstanding women leaders is critically important,” said Allegheny Conference on Community Development CFO Janel Skelley. “I appreciate the long-standing partnership that Pittsburgh has with ATHENA International and applaud its success in identifying a new organization to carry on the local ATHENA legacy. I am confident that the Pittsburgh Technology Council will build on the program’s many accomplishments and grow it into something even more successful.”

As of 2019, the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, previous host of the ATHENA Program, will be passing the torch to their community partner, the Pittsburgh Technology Council. ATHENA International chose the Pittsburgh Technology Council to move the Pittsburgh ATHENA Program forward as it has experience in community programs, a robust event infrastructure, as well as, well-received events already established in the Pittsburgh community.

“ATHENA International has enjoyed deep roots in the Pittsburgh market for over 28 years. We are grateful for the partnership with the Allegheny Conference to honor so many extraordinary leaders who continue to give back to the greater Pittsburgh region,” said Andrea Conner, ATHENA International’s President. “We celebrate our history and eagerly look forward to a new partnership with the Pittsburgh Technology Council. Together we continue to advocate for balanced leadership worldwide and to empower women leaders from the classroom to the boardroom.”

Through this partnership, the Pittsburgh Technology Council will lead the Pittsburgh ATHENA Program’s efforts to recognize women whose exceptional leadership and mentoring empower other women to reach their full potential, making the Pittsburgh community an excellent place and enriching place to call home.

“The Pittsburgh Technology Council is both thrilled and honored to receive the torch from the Allegheny Conference to build upon these roots by further amplifying the work of women in our region. This partnership with ATHENA International aligns with our mission, which facilitates our involvement in the global economy to accelerate the leadership of women,” said Audrey Russo, President and CEO, Pittsburgh Technology Council.

ATHENA International formed over 35 years ago with the mission to develop, support, honor women leaders and those who inspire them to reach their full potential by offering unique, impactful leadership development and award programs. ATHENA International empowers women all over the world to become successful leaders within the workplace and the community.

About Pittsburgh Technology Council

The PTC is a member-based trade association that provides tangible and quantifiable benefits to members in the form of talent attraction and workforce development; visibility services; business development; and advocacy. By serving our members, the Council is a vital contributor to the creation, growth and success of regional technology businesses. Their mission statement: we help our region's technology companies succeed. For more information, visit

About ATHENA International

ATHENA International is a global non-profit organization providing a proven framework and distribution model dedicated to building a global pipeline of women leaders “from the classroom to the boardroom,” particularly in underrepresented areas such as technology and medicine. Since 1982, ATHENA International has empowered women leaders to reach their full potential through leadership training, their trademarked ATHENA Powerlink® entrepreneurial advisory boards, and through global, national, local, young professional and organizational ATHENA Leadership awards. Unlike other leadership training offerings, ATHENA International is the only organization that provides an age-appropriate continuum toolkit for elementary school, middle school, high school, college, corporate and board candidates which has also been proven effective for women incarcerated. All programs are based on the philosophy of the transformative, research-based ATHENA Leadership Model (ALM) and its eight principles of enlightened leadership, underwritten by a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Through the generosity of major underwriters and a unique, affordable licensing fee model, ATHENA International leverages local host communities to scale its footprint by partnering with hundreds of chambers of commerce, colleges & universities, women’s organizations and affiliate communities in 48 states, 11 countries and growing. Since inception over 7,200 female and male leaders have been recognized in 500 regions, impacting more than 500,000 members annually. For more information, visit