Preferred Language 

Recipient Vs. Winner

  • The ATHENA Leadership Award is not intended to be a contest or competition. Rather, it is a celebration of excellence. For this reason, the individual selected to receive the ATHENA Leadership Award is referred to as "Recipient" and never the "winner." This distinction is very important and upholds the honor in being nominated while avoiding the perpetuation of a dichotomous concept of win/lose.

Sculpture Vs. Trophy/Statue

  • The ATHENA Leadership Award sculpture is a unique commemorative of honor. Because of the artist's method of casting, each is a one-of-a-kind work of art. In short, it is not a trophy or statue, but a sculpture. We ask that it always be referred to as such. 

Common Branding

ATHENA International has protected its interest (and yours) in registering trademarks and service marks for its programs. In order to ensure common branding, "ATHENA" should always be capitalized when used in reference to ATHENA International or any of its programs. Be sure to include the words ATHENA Leadership Award Program and the ATHENA logo on all promotional materials.

Logos and Images

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APL Logo with Text

ATHENA International Logo - Black

ATHENA International Logo - Blue

ATHENA International Logo - Grayscale

ATHENA International Logo - White

ATHENA Leadership Award Sculpture