Women Leaders Help the World to Thrive

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Martha Mertz, founder of ATHENA International, understood the challenges and opportunities of women in leadership.

“Women Lead.  We may not always get credit for it, or paid for it, or thanked for it – but in more ways and places at any other time in human history, women lead,” she said in her important book called Becoming ATHENA: Eight Principles of Enlightened Leadership.

“Women today are CEOs and college presidents, generals and bishops, media moguls and opinion leader” It’s time to recognize and savor this new truth: we are seeing the emergence of a distinctive, transforming style of leadership, on that was conceived and created by women.” 

Mertz concludes by noting an important observation.  “The point is no longer just that women lead.  What’s important is how women lead – and how everyone, gender aside, can use what women know about leadership to thrive in the twenty-first century.”

ATHENA International recognizes that women can achieve a worldwide balance of leadership only if women leaders are recognized, cultivated, and encouraged. The organization has created programs designed to accomplish those objectives, community by community, and country by country.

In 1982, Mertz created the first ATHENA Leadership Award after realizing that no woman in her community was considered to be a leader.  Martha was a visionary who believed that every community had women leaders behind the scenes.  The purpose of the ATHENA® Leadership Award was to publicly acknowledge the strengths and contributions of women as leaders within their local community. That program sparked a movement.

Since that first award in 1982, ATHENA® International has successfully expanded its award and mentoring programs to recognize successful women in business and the community in support of its mission of supporting, developing and honoring women leaders.  ATHENA® Awards have been given to over 8,100 individuals in 500 communities and 8 countries.   

Through development programs, ATHENA® International continues to cultivate the next generation of leaders though a framework of mentoring, modeling and experiential learning. Our global vision build a community of women supporting women to amplify our vision of balanced leadership worldwide.

- Andrea Conner, President of ATHENA International

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