The ATHENA® Leadership Award Program

Supporting, Honoring and Developing Women Leaders

How do we get started?
  • Simply review, sign and return the ATHENA Leadership Award Program license and fee.
  • You will receive a program handbook, complete with guidelines and winning strategies to implement the program in your community. 
How can we make the most of our involvement?
  • Be creative. The program is flexible, allowing plenty of room for innovation and creativity.
  • Collaborate with other communities in your state or region who host ATHENA Award Programs to share ideas and resources.

  • Let ATHENA hear from you. We welcome your feedback and are always available to help ensure successful programming
How much will it cost?
  • The annual license cost is $1350.00
  • Additional sculptures can be purchased for $650 each
  • Sub-licenses for the ATHENA Young Professional and ATHENA Organizational Awards are an additional $250 each (includes a recognition piece, administrative fee, shipping and handling)
What is included in the ATHENA Leadership Award program license?
  • License and rights to host the ATHENA Award Program
  • An ATHENA Sculpture, engraved with the recipient’s name and award year 
  • Program materials: handbook, program forms, graphic files, promotional items, sponsor materials and access to ATHENA online resources
  • Photos and/or articles featuring your ATHENA Recipient in the ATHENA ENews
  • Link to your Web site and program information on ATHENA Web site 
  • Ongoing correspondence with your ATHENA Recipient
  • Program/staff support from ATHENA International
  • Invitations to ATHENA International hosted events

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