Let’s face facts.

Tactics that make a difference.

Despite extensive research proving that women in leadership roles make considerable contributions — including greater profitability — to their organizations, men outnumber women at every level in the technology sector. With the number of women leaders actually declining, the technology field is losing ground.

And it’s everyone’s loss.

A critical mission.

The ATHENA in Tech strategic initiative was created to help solve this very real problem. Our aim is to increase the representation and sustainable success of women leaders, at all levels, by delivering technology specific leadership curriculums that can be replicated for all ages while also increasing the awareness of and advocacy for women in tech.

Focused initially within the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill region of North Carolina, home to a large number of technology companies, ATHENA in Tech is a strategic initiative driven by passionate and powerful leaders.

Applying proven principles.

ATHENA in Tech programs are based on the proven, transformative, research-based ATHENA Leadership Model®. The model identifies eight principles of enlightened leadership that reflect women’s contributions to leadership.

By applying the ATHENA Leadership Model framework to the technology field, ATHENA in Tech is intended to develop, support and honor women leaders in technology and increase the number of capable female tech workers.

Our goals are lofty, but the tools we are developing are concrete and substantive.

• Build the pipeline of women leaders from the classroom

Infuse technology-contextual versions of the ATHENA Leadership Model into middle school/high school curriculums. Develop a virtual curriculum for the “Becoming ATHENA” program, focused on women in technology, that can be applied locally and beyond.

• Advocate and raise awareness

Host “ATHENA Speaks,” an advocacy speaker series that shares firsthand experiences. Support emerging leaders in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area through career assistance and networking.

• Partner with like-minded groups

Engage with a myriad of local organizations, from collaborative public-school systems to innovative technology companies, to address the gaps in leadership development throughout a woman’s professional journey.

Backed by the power of ATHENA International

ATHENA in Tech is an integral part of ATHENA International, a global non-profit organization dedicated to building a worldwide pipeline of women leaders “from the classroom to the boardroom.” We are a group of seasoned, dynamic, engaged women and men who believe that building leadership awareness and skills, as well as a visible supportive network, are key to providing women in the technology industry with a path to success.

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