Mission: Support, develop and honor women leaders and those who inspire them to reach their full potential by offering unique, impactful leadership development and award programs.

Vision: Creating a balance in leadership worldwide.




The ATHENA Leadership Model, developed through a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, identifies eight distinct attributes that are reflective of women’s contributions to leadership: living authentically, learning constantly, advocating fiercely, acting courageously, fostering collaboration, building relationships, giving back and celebrating.

在凯洛格基金会(W.K. Kellogg Foundation)的资金支持下,雅典娜领导力模型确立了8项独特的领导力原则,反映了女性领导者的领导力贡献。这8项领导力原则是:真诚地生活;不断地学习;奋力地拥护正确观点;勇敢地行动;培养合作精神;建立关系;回馈社会和他人;庆祝成功。



The ATHENA Leadership Award is presented to a woman, or man, who is honored for attaining professional excellence, community service and for actively assisting women in their achievement of professional excellence and leadership skills




Martha Mertz developed her vision for ATHENA International 36 years ago while serving on the Board of Directors of the Lansing Michigan Regional Chamber of Commerce. As the only woman on the Board, she quickly recognized that the Chamber’s boardroom did not reflect the reality of the business community.

36年前当玛莎默茨(Martha Mertz)任职于兰辛密歇根地区商会董事会(Board of Directors of the Lansing Michigan Regional Chamber of Commerce)时提出了创立雅典娜国际机构的愿景。作为董事会成员中唯一的女性,她很快意识到商会的董事会会议室并没有反映商业社区的现实构成。

The more Mertz observed, the more she became convinced: If women’s strengths and contributions as leaders were publicly acknowledged, they could no longer be dismissed. In 1982 in Lansing, Michigan, Mertz spearheaded a new leadership award program: The ATHENA Leadership Award, named for the strong, enlightened goddess. The award would go to individuals who excelled in their professions, gave back to their communities and helped raise up other leaders, especially women.

默茨女士了解的越多越坚定了信念:如果女性作为领导者的优势和贡献能够得到广泛承认的话,她们就不再会遭到解雇。1982年在密歇根兰辛市,默茨率先创立了一个新的领导力奖项目,即雅典娜领导力大奖(The Athena Leadership Award),此奖得名于坚强而聪慧的女神雅典娜。这一奖项旨在表彰那些在自己的工作岗位上表现突出,同时又回馈社会,帮助培养其他领袖,特别是女性。

What Mertz conceived more than thirty-five years ago, is now a global movement. Since the program’s inception, more than 7,000 awards have been presented in over 500 communities in eight countries.



At a recent ATHENA International Leadership Conference, Martha noted: "Think about Rosa Parks, who from the authenticity of her core, refused once again, to go to the back of the bus. Consider Mother Theresa, who expressed her leadership by the touch of her hand, by the healing of her voice, by the power of her presence—always giving hope. These are but two examples, albeit great examples, of women’s ways of leading that have changed the world.”

在最近的一次雅典娜国际领导力大会上,默茨提到:“罗莎帕克斯(Rosa Parks)出于对内心真实想法的遵从,一再拒绝走到公车的最后。特蕾莎修女(Mother Theresa)用她的双手,用她那有着治愈力的声音,用她充满希望和能力的存在表达了特有的领导力。她们仅仅是无数个例子中的两个而已,但足以说明女性的领导方式改变了世界。”